Momentum works with start-ups either through investment or collaboration, or both.

We invest globally with a focus on early-stage start-ups in Series A or B, that fall under the investment focus areas below.

Focus Areas

Momentum Venture Capital Pte Ltd.

Deep Technology and Engineering

Application of big data, IoT and robotic automation which improve asset management, repair & maintenance, and safety in urban transportation.

Momentum Venture Capital Pte Ltd.

Transport Technology

Innovation in hardware, software and business models which enable new and better services, operations efficiency, and sustainability.

Momentum Venture Capital Pte Ltd.

Commuter Experience

Technologies that improve the commuting experience across areas such as navigation, payments, service extensions and convenient lifestyle needs.


Get In Touch With Us

If you would like to get in touch with our investment team or to enquire about partnership or collaboration opportunities, please tell us more about your company and idea through our contact page.