Empowering Commuters with Up-to-date Information to Improve the Journey Experience

1. Millions of commuters travel through our public transport network every day. SMRT recognizes that along with reliable and comfortable rides, commuters want information that can help them make travel decisions as timely and as convenient as possible. This is why SMRT has been constantly looking for ways to improve the accessibility and availability of service information for commuters within our network as well as those who are on the go.

Information on the go

2. From today, commuters will be able to check train arrival time before they arrive at the MRT station, get an indication of how long they will have to wait to board a train upon arrival through a train frequency indicator, or even check for bus service information for any bus stop in Singapore. These are among some of the new features available in the latest version (version 3.0) of SMRT’s travel planning mobile app, SMRTConnect[1], which makes journey planning more convenient for the commuter.

3. First launched in 2012, SMRTConnect provides commuters with service-related information for SMRT’s train and bus services, as well as travel suggestions for journey planning. Over the past six years, SMRT has introduced regular updates to the SMRTConnect app to keep it up-to-date and relevant.

4. Apart from new features which make journey planning more convenient, SMRTConnect 3.0 also comes with improved user interface, offering faster information updates and easier navigation. Once opened, commuters will immediately see their nearby MRT stations and bus stops, and obtain station-specific information such as first and last train timings, and panoramic views of major MRT station exits, with just a few finger taps.

5. Mr Seah Moon Ming, SMRT Chairman, said: “Your journey matters. Commuters are now given near real-time travel information. We are leveraging on technology to empower commuters to make timely travel decisions, particularly during train delays. SMRTConnect 3.0 provides accurate train and bus arrival timings to commuters anytime, anywhere. Commuters can expect more enhancements to SMRTConnect within the year.”

6. SMRT will be leveraging video and data analytics (harnessed from Wi-Fi access points, fare gate data and camera feeds at MRT stations) to improve the user experience for SMRTConnect. In future, SMRTConnect users can obtain platform-specific and carriage-specific assessment of crowds and get speedier updates on the status of MRT services via the app.

Information empowerment at stations

7. Since 2014, many initiatives have been put in place to improve commuter touchpoints in our MRT stations through the SMRT Commuter Experience Touchpoints (SCET) programme, such as dedicated care zones, priority queues and mobile device charging kiosks.  They have been well-received by commuters. As part of SMRT’s continuing effort to engage commuters and deliver better journey experience, information accessibility is also being improved.

8. Several new initiatives have recently been introduced in our stations:

  • iStands: These four-sided informational panels are strategically located near station entrances for quick and easy access to vital information such as station and train information, ticket information, regulations, proximity of nearby landmarks, as well as advice to commuters in the event of a train service delay[2].
  • Digital Displays: New Digital Displays have been installed at Passenger Service Centres to update commuters on train services, and provide answers to common queries.
  • New charging kiosks: New charging kiosks, installed at 30 MRT stations across North-South and East-West Lines, come with digital screens for commuters to view next train arrival timings as they charge their mobile devices.
  • QR Coded travel information: QR-embedded posters have been put up since November 2017 at all stations in our MRT network, empowering commuters with information on alternative travel options in the event of a service disruption.
  • E-Slips: Electronic travel slips will be available at all MRT stations by the middle of this year for commuters who need proof of travel when a service disruption occurs. This removes the inconvenience of commuters having to obtain a printed travel slip from our service staff at the Passenger Service Centres.

9. SMRT President and Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr Desmond Kuek, said: “Ensuring a positive commuter experience has been a key focus over the years. Many new initiatives have been put in place, and many more are being rolled out this year. We will continue to gather feedback from our commuters on where else can be improved for a positive journey experience. Our upgraded mobile app, SMRTConnect 3.0, and other information enablers at our stations, will improve the speed, accuracy and accessibility of travel information, especially when there is a service disruption.  Our commitment is to deliver a safe, reliable, efficient and comfortable transport service for all our commuters.  We thank our commuters for their continued support.”