Mobike and mobilityX sign MOU to Develop Innovative Transport Solutions and Enable Better Transport Connectivity

  • The MoU agreement improves the ‘first-and-last-mile’ commuter experience in Singapore through Mobike’s smart bikesharing technology and innovative product offering on mobilityX’s Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform.
  • mobilityX and Mobike will strategically collaborate on integrated door-to-door transport solutions, data analytics and bike-sharing logistics services.
  • Mobike will work closely with SMRT Services to centrally manage shared bicycles in the public transport network in compliance with government regulations and enhance social responsibility.

Mobike, the world’s first and largest smart dockless bikeshare company, and mobilityX, an SMRT seed-funded startup that provides an integrated MaaS solution to commuters and companies, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on platform integration, data sharing and analytics to optimise operational efficiency as well as organising shared bicycles in the public transport network in compliance with government regulations.

The MoU was signed by Mobike Head of International Operations Mark Lin and mobilityX CEO Colin Lim today.

Leveraging Mobike’s sophisticated A.I. platform that analyses bike share data collected from Mobike’s unique and proprietary smart lock technology and IoT platform and mobilityX’s transport planning, data analytics and MaaS platform, the two companies plan to share big data insights to enable smarter transport planning and optimised operational efficiency. Mobike and mobilityX will leverage each other’s intelligent transport systems to provide better mobility connectivity for urban residents in the city-state.

Mobike will also integrate its bikeshare services onto mobilityX’s jalan2 app.

In addition, the companies will cooperate to ensure that Mobike’s fleet of bikes will be properly and effectively managed at train stations.

In a Mobike white paper titled: “Cycling Towards a Smart Nation – Insights from Singapore”, that will be released in Mid-April, findings showed that 90% of survey respondents in Singapore said that Mobike has made access to other forms of public transportation easier. This includes completing short journeys from residential areas to nearby train stations.


Mark Lin, Head of International Operations of Mobike, said:

“Mobike is constantly innovating solutions for future of urban mobility, from the reimagining and development of the bicycle for the 21st Century to our intelligent AI platform that collects and analyses our fleet data, we are ushering in a new era of transportation that is truly smart and sustainable. We are pleased to work hand in hand with established local companies like mobilityX and SMRT, as well as Singapore’s government agencies to provide the ultimate convenience and accessibility to complete first-and-last-mile journeys in the city.”


Colin Lim, CEO of mobilityX, said:

“We welcome Mobike as a key mobility partner, and look forward to having Mobike’s services on mobilityX’s integrated platform. Smart bike sharing has an important role in the mix of mobility options for door-to-door journeys in our garden city.”