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Telepod Closed Fund Raising Round to Expand E-scooter Sharing Island-wide

Telepod, the Singapore e-scooter sharing company has closed its latest round of fund raising. The
company launched its first e-scooter sharing at Suntec City in June 2017. Today, Telepod e-scooters
can be found at various locations island-wide. This latest round of funding will equip the company with
the logistical assets and technology to further expand island-wide this year.

The investors, MomentUM, along with Bravio Capital, Quest Ventures, and two angel investors, saw
the value of Telepod’s mobility network that will connect people to places conveniently. With its
mobile-app that unlocks e-scooters with a tap of the button, Telepod has served more than 75,000 trips
across Nanyang Technological University, the One-North district and the Central Business District.


Mr Dickson Loo, Head of Investments at MomentUM said: “The first-and-last mile mobility market is
a large and rapidly evolving market. We are excited to be invested in Telepod and to be part of the
journey with this dynamic team. This investment also complements SMRT’s public transport network,
providing our commuters with more mobility options.”

Chief Executive of Telepod, Ms Gan Jin Ni, explained that these funds will be used to roll out the next
generation of Telepod e-scooters, designed to significantly increase the scooter up-time and life-span,
reducing maintenance and operations work.

Jin Ni also noted that with the government’s plans to transform Singapore into a car-lite city, she sees
significant opportunities for the Telepod system to be part of this vision, where people can travel to
places where they work, study and play on the e-scooters. The company is also working with LTA to
ensure the e-scooter fleet continues to meet safety standards, and users will observe traffic rules while
using Telepod.

Beyond Singapore, Telepod has seen similar enthusiasm for an eco-friendly urban connectivity in many
other countries. Companies and real-estate owners from over the world have expressed keen interest in
integrating the Telepod system as a mobility service in their cities. Telepod’s patent-pending system,
PROXIMA adopts user-friendly QR codes and ensures that users park the Telepod scooters at
designated parking areas without the need to set up docking stations or physical infrastructure.
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About MomentUM
MomentUM is the corporate venture and incubation platform of SMRT Corporation, for more info see

About Telepod
Telepod is the first e-scooter sharing startup in the region, with a mission to solve the last mile problem
by providing sustainable mobility for urban landscapes. For more info, see

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